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 There has been a need for more food options for the hard working folks in the Marina Bay of Richmond, CA.  Its diverse residences, boaters, and folks who love the scenic stroll by the calm waters have also been in need of somewhere to eat within arms reach. We have recognized that need and are more than happy to fill that void!

   Our goal is to provide quality food, cooked & served up with love by our wonderful crew both front and back end!

      Enjoy the weird mix of music played at random times, and check out the great murals by local urban artist/muralist "Reptile." If you look closely enough, you MIGHT find characters from Comics/Video Games/80's pop culture! 



If you don't already know, Bubbaloo is the combination of the two French Bulldogs' names, Bubba & Leeloo,  parented by the owners.  Yes, they love their Frenchies that much!




We're open 6am till 4pm


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